Simplifying Risk Management and Certificate of Insurance Processing

Since 2009, RiskPartner has been providing Insurance and Risk Professionals with the most innovative Risk Management Software Solutions available. Simplify the process of tracking risks with our easy-to-use web-based software solutions to manage Certificates Of Insurance (COI) and Risk Management Information effortlessly.

Simplifying Risk Management
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Certificates Of Insurance (COI) Processing Management

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RiskPartner, working with personnel from the Comcover Member Services (CMS), managed the project from start to completion. RiskPartner provided cross-disciplinary expertise from system design to training of personnel on the use of the tool. RiskPartner helped define goals and system objectives, developed effective assessment methodologies, prepared the database to hold the required data, collected the data, and worked with CMS personnel to facilitate the most efficient and effective use of the RiskPartner solution.

— Comcover


After 90 days, we had a 92% decrease in the number of franchisees that did not have a certificate on file and a 420% increase in compliance franchisees.

— Red Roof Inn


Managing information is vital to our entire organization. The RiskPartner suite of products provides us the real-time analytical data we need for making fully informed data-driven decisions. These are the decisions that have allowed us to manage our risk and insurance programs efficiently and effectively.

—IGS Energy


A critical factor in the project was training CMS personnel on the system. This training allowed Comcover to maximize the utilization of the RiskPartner solution – providing the greatest value for their investment. Recognizing CMS personnel had a wide scope of expertise ranging from novice computer users to dedicated database administrators, RiskPartner tailored the training tracks to address the appropriate needs of each group. The development of these training services allowed CMS to implement the RiskPartner solution in an efficient and effective manner.


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Certificates Of Insurance Processing Management

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Risk Management Information System


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